We are Claire and Glenn, and together, we founded Pathfinder UK.
Claire is a qualified Interior and Textile Designer, and has previously worked with various TV designers, as well as owning a successful chain of high street furniture and interior stores.
When Glenn isn't Pathfinding, he is also a Chinook helicopter pilot in the RAF. (We could tell you more about his 'other job' but then we would have to kill you...😉)
Claire and Glenn are married to each other, are mum and dad to two Mini Pathfinders, and dog parents to two crazy hounds!
Pathfinder UK was literally created on the kitchen table several years ago, after closing the shops due to the arrival of a family. It has since grown into a thriving online business providing sustainable and ethical alternatives to 'throw-away' sportswear, as well as supplying numerous gyms, teams and businesses with 'better path' products.
Pathfinder UK design and print adventure inspired sports and leisure wear, with a passionate Earth-friendly emphasis - whilst being uncompromising regarding the quality of garment and the level of service offered.
"Needing to find a viable source of income which fitted around our children and Glenn’s job with the Air Force, I tapped into my early training as a Textile Designer and set up a kitchen table business printing t-shirts. 
Our venture into sports and leisure wear led us to explore ‘transparency’ within clothing manufacturing and thus sourcing suppliers who offer complete accountability from the planting of the cotton seeds, right through to the working conditions of the person who stitches the final garment.
We decided early on that we would only work with companies whose ethics aligned with our own, and went on to source environmentally friendly, water-based inks to print our garments - thus reducing the level of microplastics and toxic chemicals being washed into our oceans and water systems. We also found suppliers of eco-friendly packaging, label companies, and embroiderers – and inadvertently started championing small local businesses.
Whilst building an Earth-friendly foundation for our business, we started to look more closely at our own way of life and what kind of examples we were setting for our children, the next generation. We realised that we wanted our children to have better accessibility to better choices and ultimately the power to choose better paths as adults. And the name of our business was born - WE ARE PATHFINDERS!"
Claire (Pathfinder UK® CEO & Co-Founder)